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Emerging It Technologies Essay

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Emerging IT Technologies

Have you seen the Iron Man movies? Imagine working like Tony Stark. On that movie alone, there are lots of ideas that popped out for new technologies. Now, a majority of these are not real. But in the rapid evolution of information technology, that time when we use the stuff Tony Stark uses might be sooner than we think. Here are a few samples of the technologies that are emerging right now:

1. Gesture Recognition

Using gesture recognition and Computer vision control technology, we can make some tasks easier. It is also being used In Xbox 360’s kinect.

This can become quite useful in the future. It is even being considered in the field of ...view middle of the document...

This could be useful in manufacturing or

3. Voice Recognition

At one time, voice recognition technology was only used for security purposes. It may be old, but Apple has developed it to become more precise. Because of our communication networks, it has been possible to connect to Apple’s server so users can have their commands translated. This still has a lot of potential. J.A.R.V.I.S is Tony Stark’s automated voice recognition assistant in the Iron Man movies. It is awesome to have.

Appe’s iOS 6 has new features for Siri and it can open apps now. I can really imagine the benefit of this one if implemented in my work to automate most tasks. I am a network engineer and I perform everyday tasks to keep our business centre’s networks well maintained. If we had our own Siri, that would be great in automating some tasks. For a simple example, I am stuck at a particular task and I can’t do my daily tasks at the moment. I’d like to get the uptime, CPU and memory utilization of all our network devices, I’d say “Siri, open up devices.txt and get the uptime, CPU and memory utilization of these devices. Put the results in devices.xls.” That...

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