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Elementary Education Essay

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13 April 2014
Elementary Education:
To Give Homework or To Not Give Homework
Mankind is constantly observing and learning. The brain is constantly retaining information whether related to academics or simply everyday life. The subject matter of what one learns and the methods of how one learns is vital. Teachers play a crucial part in one’s life. They determine and guide much of their students’ future. Every little detail of teaching impacts the students. How teachers incorporate and reinforce learning outside of the classroom is extremely influential as well. The debate regarding assigning homework is thoroughly discussed and argued among educators across America. Elementary education ...view middle of the document...

Educators weigh the pros and cons of homework based on the outcomes homework produces. In “The Case For and Against Homework,” Robert Marzano and Debra Pickering write that research supports beneficial results of homework given to students (74). Many students benefit from homework as homework reinforces the learning taught in the classroom. Students are able to apply the learning in a practical manner on their own without the help of fellow peers or teachers. On the other hand, Johanna Sorrentino, the author of “The Homework Debate,” declares, “Homework is all pain and no gain” (n.p.). Some educators view homework as a waste of time. Many students cheat from other classmates. Also, educators argue that homework causes students to simply spit out what they learned instead of applying the knowledge in everyday life. Giving homework to students has many benefits and negatives. Each side of the debate has valid points, and the homework debate will continue to be discussed and argued throughout education.
If I were in the elementary education field, I would give homework to my students depending on their age. If my students were young, I would give them very to no little homework. If my students were older, I would give them more homework because they can handle the load of homework. Also, an appropriate amount of homework will be given depending on the age of the students to teach life lessons. I believe that homework teaches responsibility at a young age. In life, the older you get, the more responsibility one will acquire; responsibility is simply part of life. Also, homework reinforces the skills, knowledge, and principles learned during the school day. Students are able to apply the...

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