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Electronic Cigarettes Are Affecting Our Lives

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Electronic Cigarettes Are Affecting Our Lives
On April 29, 2014, New York City bans the electronic cigarettes from public spaces. Opponents of electronic cigarettes say that they have potential dangers, while proponents argue that electronic cigarettes are good tools to help people quit traditional cigarettes. The fact is that electronic cigarettes are affecting our lives. People are considering whether using electronic cigarettes is a good choice.
In the article “Electronic Cigarettes: Achieving a Balanced perspective” Theodore L. Wagener and his partners say the harm of electronic cigarettes is overstated and that they have many potential benefits. The research proves that propylene ...view middle of the document...

Some smokers have high levels of nicotine dependence, making difficult for them to quit tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, Wagener says the parents and the caregivers cannot “maintain consistently smoke-free homes” (Wagener et al. 1547). Second-hand smoke will continuously exist and affecting children’s health. (Wagener et al. 1545-1548).
In another article “E-cigarettesare” Ben Radoing illustrates the harm of electronic cigarettes. Radoing believes smoking electronic cigarettes is like gambling, “You can play, but you can’t win” (Radoing 124). Once people smoke, they lose health. There is much harm in electronic cigarettes is found. The first is particle problem. Although electronic cartridges are mostly safe, they still have nicotine and other chemicals. Those chemicals may lead to long term health problems that we don’t know currently. Another problem is the second hand vapor. Compared with electronic cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes can release more nicotine. This fact proves that electronic cigarettes aren’t “exactly harmless” (Radoing 77) as advertisements say. The third problem is the nicotine monkey. In fact, when people want to quit smoking, they usually use the smoking-cessation aids that have the same or less levels of nicotine. However, electronic cigarette’ cartridges have higher levels of nicotine than tobacco cigarettes. As the result, people will be more addicted to electronic cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes. The forth problem is improper regulation. Because of the delay of researching electronic cigarettes and regulating them, electronic cigarettes have been labeled a safe product by cigarette companies. Besides, kids will be addict. There are many misleading advertisements, telling kids that electronic cigarettes are safe and that everyone can buy them anywhere. It makes children attract to it and become a new generation to nicotine addicts. Therefore, more people will become smokers in the future. (Radoing 76-124).
In my opinion, Wagener and his partners give me a clear outline of the benefits on using electronic cigarettes. They list reasons to make me understand how necessary electronic cigarettes should exist and be used. However, Radoing’s article informs me that the negative effects of electronic cigarettes are overpowering. Electronic cigarettes not only affect our current lives, but also the lives of our...

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