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Electoral College Essay

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To reform the U.S. electoral system, the government should eliminate the Electoral College and allow the citizens to choose the president in order to make the system more democratic. The function of the Electoral College is described in Article II Section 2 of the constitution, the constitution “does not provide that all US citizens may vote for presidential electors. Rather, it provides only that the electors shall be appointed as the state legislatures direct. Once a state determines that electors shall be chosen by popular vote it has wide latitude to determine eligibility to vote” (Hardaway 106). The electors are chosen based on the amount of House of Representatives and Senators each ...view middle of the document...

Members of the Electoral College are given the responsibility to provide the final result of who will become the President of the United States. This is very problematic because not only are these electors unbounded, but also they privilege certain candidates. According to the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, members of the Electoral College are “political parties nominate electors, [elected] at their State party conventions or by a vote of the party's central committee in each State. Electors are often selected to recognize their service and dedication to their political party. They may be State elected officials, party leaders, or persons who have a personal or political affiliation with the Presidential candidate” (NARA). It is problematic to have party leaders or people affiliated with the Presidential candidate as electors because this eliminates the integrity of the whole election. In the Presidential election of 2000, the majority of the popular vote was given to John Kerry but the Electoral College gave George W. Bush the Presidency. This event allowed the American public realize their government has a “system in which the president is chosen not by the voters themselves, but by 538 electors” (New York Times). This shows how...

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