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Egoism Essay

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Egoism is a narrow and robust perspective that is held in every human beings mind. People do things with themselves in their mind involved every day. How will this benefit me? Will this make him leave me alone? Will this hurt me in the latter? These questions phase in and out of our minds with the daily tasks we do, and believe it or not, we act upon it depending on our answer. Even if by some chance someone doesn’t think of this question and acts in kindness; they will remind you later (some other time or event) so that you can take part in a favor they ask of you.
Now to take us more in depth by bringing in the most selfish thing we created. The United States of America! We don’t owe money by the minute? Do we care how healthy our people are? Do we try to dip in our own resources instead of other places? No, no, no! We owe about 2.5 million a ...view middle of the document...

Then we have to pay thousands of dollars we don’t have to get workout equipment or for someone to tell us how we are supposed to be eating. Then comes the problem everyone complains about, oil. Where did the oil come from, a little came from us, the rest? Came from Latin America, Canada, Persian Gulf, etc.. We get more oil from other places than from ourselves. We do things for our gain and we do it purposely on most occasions.
Let’s narrow this down for an average family. Picking the holiday that is closing in quickly; Christmas is a fun selfish day. You get what you want at the cost of having to give what the other person wants. Try not giving someone in your family what they want for Christmas and I bet the person you made sad will give everyone lesser gifts next year. The parents at most try to please the kids, why? To keep the kids occupied for as long as it lasts, to take it away for the next punishment you’re going to get so you will behave right to give it back (using the toy as a tool), and to use it for favors (there goes that word again: favor). They milk it for what it’s worth, with the typical, I gave you what you wanted and you couldn’t clean the car for me? The guilt gets you to do the task they want done every time.
Now I’m sure some might try to defend themselves by bringing up donations or giving food to the homeless, and soup kitchens. Isn’t that just a activity you do to strike up some brownie points to your religious deity? So you can rub it in someone’s face that you did some community service, to use that to get into a good college (scholarships), or to get on a good side with someone (to impress a girl as well)? Motives are for your actions are always there, just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
In conclusion, what people do is for a self-reason. There is always a motive behind something and just because someone hides it better than someone else and you can’t detect it, doesn’t mean they do it for kindness, or the goodness in their hearts.

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