Effects Of Morning Calisthenics To The Academic Performance Of 19th Batch Nsa Cadets In Uclm

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Effects of Morning Calisthenics to the Academic Performance of 19th Batch NSA Cadets in UCLM

Morning calisthenics is a form of exercise performed every weekdays starting at 0430-0530 hours in the morning. This is part of the NSA-training program that is traditionally followed by generation to generation of the NSA batches. This was implemented since from the 1st batch until in present time.

In this, it is first executed in a stretching exercise then followed by massive sets of exercises. The purpose of this is to develop the cadets confidence and to be able to be ready for the future career on-board seafaring most especially in adopting to the new environment.
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Another problem that the cadets experienced is that some of them could not anymore take their bath which then leads for them to fell uncomfortable during their daily activities in the school. Lastly, the cadets don’t have time to have their study anymore because they prefer to take their rest than of studying.

In the situation experienced by the 19th batch NSA cadets regarding to their performances lots of them usually said that they were lucky because they were able to be part of the cadet program here in UCLM but then problems still arises especially during the cadets are having their morning calisthenics which affects their academic performances.

Morning calisthenics is of great problem to the cadets academic performance. And this are what most all of the instructors find it hard for them to make and adjusts the cadet grades because of the reasons that is raised by the cadets to them.

Since the 19th batch NSA cadets have their separate Dorm master and administrator it is good that there is one and united administration within batches so that the activities to be done are planned precisely with the consent of the administrators and of the cadets. There should be always a meeting within the administrators and cadets so that the raised problems will be planned for a better activities that is performed by the cadets. In order for the cadets to improve their academic performance, they should learn and put it into action the time management program, cause this program will help them manage their time in both academic and extra curricular activities.

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