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Effects Of Mass Media Essay

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Effects of Mass Media Paper

What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century?

During the last century the evolution of mass media has had major developments in the areas of print, electronic, and the digital era. The print press era emerged around the fifteenth century when Johannes Gutenberg’s from Germany invented the moveable metallic type and the printing press became part of the modern printing era. The print press was the main form of media for many years. In the early 1500’s it was a very long and expensive process, and it would take months to illustrate and publish books. However, with the ...view middle of the document...

Email, social media etc... Has changed the way we communicate over the last century.

How did each development influence American culture?

These developments have influenced not just American culture in many ways but the entire world. Originally we communicated orally or by print. Now we have some many options to access any type of media we are not limited to just one source. We can use computers, laptops, television, ipads, tablets, radio, and smartphones to access the internet and watch television shows, listen to the radio, read the newspaper or magazines, send and receive mail, pay bills, order products and the lists goes on.

What is meant by the term Media Convergence, and how has it affected everyday life?

The term Media Convergence means “phenomenon involving the interlocking of computing and information technology companies, telecommunications networks, and content providers from the publishing worlds of newspapers, magazines, music, radio, television, films, and entertainment software. Media convergence brings together the three C’s computing, communications, and content”. (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008 Britannica online). Media convergence has affected everyday life...

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