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Effects Of Internet Essay

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“The Internet is the world's largest library. It's just that all the books are on the floor”. This is a personal reflection on the impact of Internet technologies on higher education around the world over the last 13 years. It chronicles my observations of differences between perceptions and realities, of enthusiasm and disappointment, and the changes that have taken place in learning, teaching, and the structure of higher education during this period. Based on the work of others, this reflection also includes a prediction of the near term introduction of new instructional technologies and draws implications for higher education from these predictions and this history. The Context of Learning, always takes place in both a general context (language, country, geographical location) and a context created specifically for the learning process (classroom, technological infrastructure, course design). When learning ...view middle of the document...

Thanks to such things as distance education, busy house wives can receive a degree from an accredited institution without ever having to step a foot on a university campus. Business people can work on work on finishing their master's thesis while on assignment in India. Also, universities themselves have changed to match the times. Smaller colleges in order to compete with larger schools are offering more on-line course. Major corporations are now offering to pay for their employees to receive their degrees or training on-line as well. Many statistical studies prove that 3 out of 4 students strongly disagreed that they could have survived the educational demands of college without the internet.
Technology is enabling multi-modal teaching, changing curricula and spawning rich forms of online research and collaboration. “Within 24 hours, students interested in reviewing a certain case or topic can click an online index that charts the content of the entire class and can view the portion that interests them.” Technological innovation, long a hallmark of academic research, may now be changing the very way that universities teach and students learn. For academic institutions, charged with equipping graduates to compete in today’s knowledge economy, the possibilities are great. Distance education, sophisticated learning-management systems and the opportunity to collaborate with research partners from around the world are just some of the transformational benefits that universities are embracing.
University Adapt the Internet and use of computer technology, i.e. Internet capabilities to promote distance learning is a rapidly growing practice in the education industry, especially in the role of continuing education. While it is widely agreed that the move to the internet to provide an online, virtual classroom to further the practice of distance learning is an area that the field of education is destined to go, different types of institutions differ in thought as to what this practice will mean with respect to their futures. This differing of opinion has sparked debate between large, public colleges, and smaller schools like community colleges and private universities.

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