Effectiveness Of The Type Of Handout

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A Research on the Effectiveness of the Type of Handout in the Test Scores of Freshmen Students of Silliman University: Plain Handouts VS Fill-in-the-Blank Handouts

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Professor Lourdes Angela Piñero

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Caballero, Frances Nicole T.

Dela Peña, Cheska May A.

Pineda, Kristy Zaren E.

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Chapter I

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The study isn’t made possible without the people who helped the researchers throughout the completion of the experiment. First of all, the researchers would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Lourdes Angela Piñero for teaching the basics of experimental research, for guiding and correcting their research papers as well as the pointing out the errors in the study. To Ms. Gazelle, for being helpful whereas teaching what the proper methods are to be used for the study. To Mr. Kemmons S. Kilat, a teacher from the Mathematics Department of Silliman University for checking the researchers’ statistical interpretation of the data collected. To the Psychology Department secretary, Mrs. Edna Flaviano for reserving and allowing the researchers to use a room where the experiment will be conducted. To the respondents that came during the experiment despite personal schedules. In addtion, the researchers would also like to thank their parents for giving out full support and encouragement for the betterment of the study. Lastly, to God Almighty for keeping the researchers’ motivated and determined despite stress and shortcomings and for making all things possible.

Chapter I: Introduction

According to the Merriam-Webster and the article from the University of Sussex, a handout is a printed summary of important information or a fact sheets that are being distributed for free during lectures that can help in making the students understand and learn more about the topics being discuss, which can free the students from note taking. It can help in providing additional information during or when in a non-contact time with the lecturers.

The article from the University of Sussex, it was stated, since handout scan serve a lot of uses, there are some suggestions about different kinds of format on how you encode the information that might be applicable or suitable for you. Here are some of the suggestions: the Skeleton Handout, which provides an outline form of the lecture with key statements; the Gapped Handout or the Fill-in-the blank Handout, provides all the information but leaves a space or misses out some important terms for the listeners or students to fill up during the discussion; the Key information Handout, this assures that the key information is not copied incorrectly and it is not omitted while taking down notes. This includes the maps, quotations, complex diagrams, references, and etc.; and the Dense/Plain text Handout, which provides the information completely.

In this experimental research paper, we focus on the fill-in-the blank handout and the dense text handout. The purpose of this experimental research is for us to know if there is a difference in test scores of the freshmen college students between a fill-in-the blank handouts and dense text handouts.

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