Effective Communication Based On Culture Essay

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Effective communication based on culture
Effective communication requires fully understanding of the culture that is involved. That means to pass your message effectively, one needs to know their rules and values, languages that they speak and even gestures that they use to communicate. Different people think differently and therefore to effectively communicate with them, knowing their history is vital. The best way to understand this is to research on several different groups of culture that has sufficient information. In this case, deaf culture, whiteness and Arabic culture is considered.
Deaf culture consists of a set of behaviors, beliefs, literary traditions as well as the ...view middle of the document...

They begin with identifying acommunity. Becoming a full member of this culture occur differently at different times according to life circumstances. You can acquire it from the education of parents, attending schools or exposure to sign languages. Around the world, deaf cultures re diversified and they communicate using different sign languages with different cultural norms. The identity of deaf people also interact with other cultural identities.They include, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientations among others.Their values include positive attitude towards deafness, use of sign language as their central identity, expression of their own grammatical conventions, opposition against discrimination and spirit of collectiveness.
When it comes to whiteness, several aspects are considered. Firstly, white acts as a cover term that denotes a color or a range of ethnicities. In the west, whiteness is historically considered as a culture that dominates others. This is naturally because of its invincibility due to its dominating construction. If you are white, you position is privileged. The difference comes when we talk about class. Here, dominance and privilege takes on a different meaning. Lower class white does not acquire similar opportunities with higher class whites. To this day, whiteness hold privileges that remain true over other cultures. Whites are immune to a certain level of stereotyping. Despite all this, there should be a clear way that facilitates communication between this culture and other cultures. Its main value is to maintain their historical reputation but also check on the criticisms it has received.
Coming to the Arabic culture, they act in a very different way than the rest of the cultures. They have different values that are necessary to understand in order effectively interact with them. They mostly borrow these values from their religion. This means for anyone to effectively communicate and interact with them, they need to learn them. The most important values in the Arabic...

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