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Effective Communication Essay

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In my particular role at my job, the roles can be divided by front of house and back office. I mainly do front of house duties and someone else does the back office. When that other individual quit, I had to assume both the front of house and back office roles until someone else was hired. I felt that I knew enough to temporarily take on the back office role and the work had to get done. Even though I knew the main responsibilities of what needed to be done, there were the small things that I wasn’t too in tuned with that I ...view middle of the document...

I felt that the communication was effective because I was more confident in my abilities to perform job which enabled me to perform better and increase productivity by being able to monitor inventory levels more closely and help the associates out by being able to replenish items that sell faster than others. Of course, replenishing those items means they can continue to be sold to customers which in turn generate revenue for the company which shows why my role is necessary. Helping the associates with products they need is also a necessary step to provide exceptional customer service which keeps them coming back to us to buy products. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to advertise and if customers tell their friends about how we handled their transactions, they will be more inclined to come into our store. With the way technology is rapidly changing, there is always something new coming out or a different way to go about doing something that maybe a faster way to get it done in order to alleviate time consumed with the inventory. Overall, my manager was pleased to see how I took in the new information and quickly applied it in order to satisfy the needs of the business.

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