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Effect Of Systems On Business Essay

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Five different IT systems that have affected business in the past few years.

1. Social Media/Business (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) – Social Media provides a more intimate platform for advertising and promotions. Business can use software to detect trends and research patterns in order to determine what demographic to target, thus making their advertising strategy more effective. Social Media will continue to evolve just technology evolves and adjust to consumers for direct advertising efforts.
2. Cloud Computing (I-cloud/Verizon Cloud) – ...view middle of the document...

3. Consumerism – tailoring technology for specific needs through third party apps. This allows business services to available to consumers 24 hours seven days a week. Apps also provide a vehicle for advertisement on a constant basis. Apps will continue to improve in their efficiency and ability to provide service to consumers outside of normal business hours.
4. Mobile Devices (Smartphones/Tablets) – allows users and employees unrestricted access and to business systems. Allows employees to check and send email from anywhere and browse the internet. Mobile Devices also allows the installation of apps to improve business systems. Tablets are replacing PCs because of their portability and capabilities. Tablets are able to operate without using a modem or router making them more assessable than PCs. Tablets and other Smart Devices will eventually phase out the PC just as PCs phased out desktop computers.
5. Big Data – (Database, Data warehouse, and Data mining) – A lot companies have too much data that is hard for them to access. This makes it easy for large businesses to have easy access to their stored data. This also allows companies to track all internet activity within the company. As businesses continue to grow so will the need for big data storage.

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