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Effect Of Organic And Inorganic To Pechay In Drought Condition

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E-International Scientific Research Journal, Volume 5, Issue 4

Of Brassica rapa UNDER LA UNION,
Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
La Union, Philippines


Growth performance of Pechay, Brassica rapa,was tested using two organically
produced composts and an inorganic fertilizer serving as control. Addition of BioN during the basal application was part of the organic inputs. Treatments were
distributed in 4 replicates following the Randomized Complete Block Design
(RCBD). Each treatment was composed of 16 plants at a distance planting of
20cmx40cm between hills and rows ...view middle of the document...

E-International Scientific Research Journal, Volume 5, Issue 4
Organic farming produces nutrient-rich fertile soil which nourishes the plants.
Keeping chemicals off the land protects water quality and wild life. It's also about

Keywords: organic fertilizer, compost, Brassica rapa, Pechay
practicing good animal welfare where everything from breeding, rearing and
handling, up to feeding of animals is strictly regulated thus implementing a free
range lifestyle. Republic Act 10068 of the Philippines aims to strengthen the
state’s policy to promote, propagate, develop further and implement the practice
of organic agriculture. Farming communities are hoped to ensure and
cumulatively condition and enrich the fertility of the soil, increase farm
productivity, reduce pollution and destruction of the environment, prevent
depletion of natural resources and protect the health of the farmers, and of the
general public.

Application of organic fertilizers is one of the favored methods of rejuvenating
depleted soils and sustaining fertility levels. In mature soils, crops respond more
to the addition of organic fertilizers than of chemicals. (PCARRD, 2006).
Successive cropping of pechay grown in pots with vermicompost and ordinary
garden soil as medium in different combinations favored the growth and
development of pechay and gave higher income. Likewise, for pechay (Brassica
pekinensis L.) commercial production, the use of commercial compost fertilizer
together with commercial effective microorganism is recommended for higher
growth and yield. (Pascual,, 2013.)


Experimental treatment and design
The study was conducted at the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
in Bacnotan, La Union Philippines. Growth of the Brassica rapa, popularly known
as Pechay, was measured in plant height, leaf area, weight of marketable leaves,
plant weight, number of leaves per plant and leaf area infestation. Three
treatments were employed, these were Vermicompost (T 1); non-vermicompost
(T2); and Urea (T0)

serving as control. Four replications were made and

distributed following the Randomized Control Block Design, (RCBD).

Compost Production

E-International Scientific Research Journal, Volume 5, Issue 4
The plain compost was produced using the formulation adopted from the organic
fertilizer production training workshop conducted at Ifugao State College of
Agriculture and Forestry (ISCAF now IfSU) in July 2008, (T1). The vermicompost,
(T2) was produced using sheep manure from the University, ipil-ipil leaves, dried
leaves and carbonized rice hull (CRH) as substrates and with the inclusion of
vermiworms. Vermitea was further added as activator and decomposition

Fertilizer Application
Fertilization was done as basal to treatments 1 and 2 with 250 grams each of the
composts; Bio-N was drenched simultaneously in a solution of 2 tbsp per liter.
The control treatment was applied...

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