Effect Of Future Trading On Spot Market Market Volatili

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Literature Review On Index Traded Derivative Instrument In India

1. Effect Of Future Trading On Spot Market Market Volatility: A Study Of CNX Bank Nifty.
Mallikarjunappa And Afsal E.M.
This Paper Studies The Volatility Implications Of The Introduction Of Derivatives On Stock Market Volatility In India Using The S&P Cnx Nifty Index As A Benchmark. To Account For Non-Constant Error Variance In The Return Series, A Garch Model Is Fitted By Incorporating Futures And Options Dummy Variables In The Conditional Variance Equation.The Introduction Of Derivative Trading On Spot Market Volatility Of Nifty And Concluded That Price Sensitivity To Old News Is Higher During Pre Future Period Than ...view middle of the document...

It Also Helps To Identify Need For Regulation.This Study Is Different On The Basis Of Three Counts: First, It Examines The Volatility Of Derivatives & Non Derivative Stocks As Well As Index. Second, It considers Longer Period For The Study. Thirdly, It Makes Comparative Study Of Pre-derivative And Post-Derivative Period Volatility Of The Underlying.
3. Impact Of Futures And Options On The Underlying Market Volatility: An Empirical Study On S & P Cnx Nifty Index
Mr. Sibani Prasad Sarangi1 & Dr. K. Uma Shankar Patnaik
This Paper Basically Seeks To Examine The Behaviour Of Spot Market By Taking Both Closing And Opening Price Returns While Most Of The Earlier Studies In The Indian Context Based On The Closing Price Returns. Secondly, It Employs Garch Technique To Measure The Volatility, And It Also Explains The Nature Of The Volatility Before And After The Introduction Of Futures And Options.

4. Financial Engineering And The Impact Of Index Trading On Spot Market In India
Debashis (2008)
This Study Tried To Find The Effect Of Futures Trading On Volatility & Operating Efficiency Of The Underlying Indian Stock Market By Making Use Of Paired Sample Statistic And Found That Introduction Of Nifty Index Future Trading In India Was Associated With Both Aspects Of Reduction In Spot Price Volatility, As Well As, Reduced Trading Efficiency In Underlying Stock Market.

5. Impact Of Future...

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