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Educational Essay

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Md. Mijanur Rahman Khan
Mobile : 01717509541

Aspiration To join a reputed organization where I can sharpen my problem- solving skill,
enhance expertise on my areas of concentration, widen my intellectual
horizon, and I shall be able to prove my eligibility by working with the
professionals and thus enhance my professional skills.

Permanent Village-Norkhali, Post-Hularhat, P.S-Perojpur Sadar, District-Perojpur.

Present Village-Norkhali, Post-Hularhat, P.S-Perojpur Sadar, District-Perojpur.

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Address : Hularhat, perojpur Sadar, Pirojpur

Extracurricular •Have experience of organizing a three days project for SIDR affected people.
Activities • Have experience of organizing cultural programs, picnic, and tours.

Personal Has ability to mix with general people, keep confidentialities, enthusiastic, listen Capabilities carefully, can work under pressure, has ability to convince other people, enjoy
working to meet the challenge.

Skills Languages
 Bengali : Native.
 English : Fluent in spoken and excellent command in written form.
 Communication
 Good Communication skills including tact and diplomacy with others
 Team working has involved different roles which developed negotiation and persuasive skills.
 Computing
Operating System : Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows-7.
Office Package : MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Internet
Hardware Package : Hardware assembling & Troubleshooting.

Biography Father’s Name ...

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