Education Through A Biblical Worldview Essay

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Biblical Worldview Essay
Christina Roberts
September 30th, 2015
INFT 101

In the book of Romans chapters 1-8, Paul vocalizes truths that are the foundation of a biblical worldview. Paul addresses certain components relating to the natural world, the human identity, human relationships, and culture. In this essay, I plan to compare and contrast Romans chapters 1-8 as it applied in Paul’s tie and mine. I believe Paul’s teachings encourages us to seek the truth of scripture as it influences the way we live and view the world today.

Biblical Worldview Essay
The Natural World
One views the natural world in a way that is very negative. Paul’s depiction in Romans ...view middle of the document...

Man believes that being a ‘good person’ or doing ‘good things’, is a sure way to get into heaven. This is in direct opposition to John 14; 16, where man is told there is only one way to get to heaven. Trying to repair our lives while ignoring our need for God’s saving grace (Romans 8; 30). Just as the Jews and the Gentiles of Paul’s day were condemned by sin (Romans 2; 15), man today is no different. In Paul’s day, the Jews were at high risk of condemnation due to the law, which was to govern their lives (Romans 4; 15 NLT). Today we have an entire book to be the standard of how we should live our lives. Man is told where to find hope for redemption in Romans 3.

Human Relationships
In Paul’s time, man sinned as an act of rebellion against God. It is man’s ultimate need to be first and have his needs met, which goes against the fundamental teachings of God. We live in a society of political correctness, where the teachings of Paul in submission to Christ, are all but nonexistent. Man does what feels good and believes that as long as no one gets harmed, it is okay. Nothing could be further from the truth according to Paul’s teachings. John 13; 34, tells us how to love one another. As Paul warned the people of his time, and it still applies today, there is a cost and consequence for sin (Romans 6:1-2, 12-13NLT). The me generation gives way to greater depravity and a more urgent need for God. According to Genesis 2:18, we were created to be with another. We form relationships based on our needs and not out of love for one another. We lack the basic desire to treat others as we have been treated by God. We sin openly against each other (Romans 1:21-23), unlike our command to love one another. Man lacks the knowledge of his need to see God as the creator as well as our need for a relationship with him. Our sin causes consequences in ourselves, and all of our other relationships. Having a biblical...

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