Education Matters Essay

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Why Education Matters
If someone told me that education didn’t matter, they would basically be stating that knowledge is not necessary in succeeding in this society. After the great deal of time our country has spent in expanding adolescence minds to help them attain a stable job and a successful life, there can be no reason why education and college is a waste of time and money.
Education is started at a very young age to help give a layer of foundation for adolescence to ...view middle of the document...

It not only helps students mentally, but physically as well. Our entire economy is based on the fact of going to school, getting an excellent high school education, and receiving a college diploma. It is imperative that children go to school, because life after high school will be nothing more than receiving a bit more then minimum wage. Having a college diploma expands ones options of their future, an incredible amount.
College provides a place for students to enhance their skills that will help them get jobs in our society; therefore, it is extremely important. Education gives us an understanding of our culture and society by teaching us courses such as World History, English, Science, and Math, explaining significant historical leaders, wise philosophers, and important individuals. Education is essential in providing someone a well balanced childhood. It helps them relate to others, build strong friendships, and utilize teamwork to attain a certain goal. College also helps a student stay physically and mentally tougher according to stats.
Overall, education is important in all aspects of life because it not only develops ones personality, but enables them to achieve a successful future. Although price is a factor in regards to college, it is well worth it in the end and has multiple benefits.

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