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Economic Sanctions Essay

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This essay main is to conduct a critically, and logically analyze of both the economic and ethical consequences that emanate from imposed economic sanctions. The first section of the essay will also deeply appreciate on the definition of an economic sanction and also clearly and logically evaluate whether it is a good strategy to make the other nations honor and respect their demands. This is mostly with an aim to avoid any form of generalization that is done by most people who assume it’s a good practice and also a form of defensive mechanism to coerce the other nation consider on its ultimatums by delivering and basing my argument on a critical analysis ...view middle of the document...

Economic sanction bears some solemn impacts that are of ultimate ethical significance. Since the adoption of the various sanctions in the last 20 years, its impact is not of a small magnitude, and its effects, therefore, cannot be underrated. These sanctions have seen the growth of humanitarianism that is practices that are aimed at promoting human welfare in an effort to reduce and also prevent wars from arising. Imposing economic pressure and sanctions to a target nation that you are not in good terms with is seen as a rather more acceptable and also a non-violent approach that prevents any kind of conflicts between nations that could cause a lot of suffering and even deaths of the civilians. Sanctions are also necessary for some situations because they aim at enhancing the legitimacy of the state issuing the sanction and also keenly look into the possible causes of the problems (Haass et al., p.126). Sanctions can be viewed as more logical, and ethical strategies aimed and maintaining peace. Professionals argue that a sanction is good way and method to make its demands known and respected by the target country instead of creating a war that that may end up causing a lot of citizens to lose their lives, be internally displaced and also waste the government resources that would have been channeled to other meaningful projects of improving people's livelihoods.
However, not all sanctions are good, and for the case of an imposed comprehensive sanction it have totally proved otherwise. This type of sanctions is more of a dictatorial methodology, and it tends to create a lot of fear, suffering and even loss of life among the population of the targeted economy. A critical example was the sanction policy that was introduced in IRAQ between the years 1990 to 2003. The sanction highly affected the robust population of over 31 million civilians where the prices of basic commodities such as floor, cooking fats, sugar, and salt were hiked as high as 1000 percent per year in Iraq (Blanchard et al, p.37). The sanction had a tremendous impact because it totally crippled the country’s infrastructure and financed even become an immense problem. The sanction also created a lot of unemployment among the young people with the unemployment rate rising to over 30 percent. The impact did not stop there because the prevailing unemployment conditions in the country caused massive crime rates to be reported as well as drug and substance abuse was reported to be on the pick. Over 200,000 children who were below the age five years also died due to malnutrition and other innocent civilians died in the process. From the above case analysis it is clear that some sanctions do not have the humanitarian welfare in mind but are only aimed and targeted towards the selfish gains of a few individuals in the quest for power and leadership (Cortright et al, p.75).
Financial sanctions may also tend to...

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