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Health Care Reform Project, Part I
HCS 440
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March 5, 2012

Health Care Reform Project, Part I
Within the United States are many concerns about health care economics. Health care costs are continuing to rise and it contributes to the impact of providing the older population with medical care. “The aging of the U.S. population is translating into many more visits to doctors' offices and hospitals, a reality that is taxing weak spots in the health-care system” (The Associated Press, 2008, para. 1. Within this paper, the economic impact of providing the older population with medical care has on the provision of ...view middle of the document...

After a person turns 65, the cost for him or her to live through medical innovation is very costly to the economy. Everyone wants to live longer but may not want to change his or her lifestyle choices; therefore for him or her to live a longer life is good for everyone, but disastrous for government programs. Both Social Security and Medicare programs are major sources of long-term budget imbalance, and if the nation takes early action that will allow changes to be implemented slowly and spare everyone the burden of abrupt tax increases or benefit cuts.
Literature Search

Support Issue One: Find Local Resources
The main thing that people need to know as they are aging that they can receive medical care coverage no matter what the impact it has on the Economy. Everyone has the right to receive medical care. People need to be told about the information and where to get help at. There are a lot of Americans that do not know how to go about receiving or understanding the different types of coverage’s they can get if they are eligible for benefits. This type of literature reviews the sources and provides information explaining the medical care for people.
Support Issue Two: Aging Nation the Economics and Politics of Growing
This literature will help people when it is time for retirement security. It will go over the aging process. It will help people understand what all people need to do in order to retire in the United States. There is information that can help people with their finances, because there are people that people need to look out for. They will take advantage of people if they can. There is also information for long-term care facilities and there is also information if people want to stay in their own environment as long as possible. Some people do not want to lose their dignity and with the baby boomers living longer there are going to be people that will need help with medical care.
Support Issue Three: End of Life Issues And Cares
This literature will help plan peoples medical care and help people make their final decisions when it comes to that time. People have a hard time deciding what do. There are things that need to be thought about. There will be different people that can help people arrange for the service type and all the planning so at the end this will all be taking care of. The way the economy is this is a good idea the price will not go up and everything will be paid for. If someone would like for a agency called HOSPIC to come in at the time when it is their final hour to help the family and friends through the process this will be another literature too look over.
Possible Solutions
Solution One: Broaden the Use of Preventive Services
One possible solution to prepare for aging elderly populations is to broaden the use of preventive services. The use of preventive services are very effective an help prevent many diseases and identify...

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