Economic And Social Development Of Latin America

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Economic and social development of Latin America has something to do with different geographical factors. These include the productivity of lands, health conditions, frequency and intensity of natural disasters, settlement patterns, makeup and spatial distribution of productive activities, colonial experiences. Latin America has considered geography as unchangeable, true it is, but still it does not imply that policies should overlook or better yet ignore this fact.

Geographically speaking, the whole Latin America lies in different latitudes of the Earth. Thus, places in this region experiences different climate patterns and seasons. This leads us to our ...view middle of the document...

Speaking of health conditions, climate of course is a big factor that affects the presence of diseases such as malaria, schistosomiasis and intestinal worms. This is because, their location lacks seasonal variations. It, of course, makes it difficult for control efforts to completely observe, analyze and conclude a solution that could decrease, if not eradicate, the rate of manifestations of these diseases. Indeed, even if treatments are available for those who are sick, they still cannot afford to pay. Just like a domino effect, shorter life expectancy comes out as a result. Although climate is a factor, lower welfare in the tropics is also a matter.

In its history, Latin America has been through many natural disasters that marked large numbers of homelessness, injuries, fatalities, and economic destruction on record. These natural phenomenons, with varying intensities and frequencies, include earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. Their location, again, explains their vulnerability to these disasters. The world has gone through many geological processes way back millions of years ago that had finally made the geography of our planet at present. Latin America’s territory happened to be at the top of four active tectonic plates along the Pacific Ring of fire. This is the reason why they are prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since this is where active volcanic activities takes place. Considering their overall vulnerability, the region’s location is not only reason. Socioeconomic factors aggravate the potential of these natural disasters to destroy the region’s physical and economic condition. These are: poor quality of housing, degradation of the environment, and the lack of risk and disaster prevention management.

Settlement patterns also had affected the development of the region. Urbanization is the most obvious one. People tend to live in a single, large, “primal” city. Although this brought advantages to the people, there are outcomes that affect...

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