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Economic Essay

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NATURAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT COURSE SYLLABUS S.Y. 2012 - 2013 I. II. III. COURSE NUMBER: SCTESO1 COURSE TITLE: Science , Technology and Society (Lecture 3 units, 54 HOURS/SEM) COURSE DESCRIPTION: Science, Technology and Society (STS) focus on the interrelationship of the three components, not only in the present time but for the future as well. It tackles important issues in the society as a result of development of science and technology. Science, Technology and Society is holistic in approach as it becomes interdisciplinary in nature looking at several dimensions of science and technology in societal setting. COURSE PRE-REQUISITE: None PLACEMENT: 2nd year INSTITUTIONAL VISION, MISSION AND ...view middle of the document...

Practices a relentless pursuit of scientific knowledge; 2. Performs appropriate dental services with high standards guided by the Code of Professional Ethics; 3. Advocates oral health through community education and outreach programs; 4. Promotes cultural and national values; and 5. Devotes career to the advancement of total wellness.
Prepared by: Natural Sciences Department Noted by: SNS-JBB-05282012 JACQUELINE B. BONIFACIO, RT, PhD Subject Head, Allied Natural Sciences

Subject code: SCTESO1

Descriptive title: Science , Technology and Society (3u-lecture)

Effectivity: SY 2012-2013

Date Revised MAY 28, 2012




SCHOOL OF TEACHER EDUCATION VISION In pursuit of perfection, the University of Baguio is committed to provide balanced quality education by nurturing academic excellence, relevant social skills, and ethical values in a fun-learning environment. MISSION The University of Baguio educates individuals to be empowered professionals in the global community. The School of Teacher Education is committed to create a dynamic academic environment conducive to the development of competitive professional teachers whose personal qualities and professional competencies are functionally maximized. OBJECTIVES The STE aims to engage the student in creative and enjoyable learning activities that will mold a citizen and a professional who: 1. exemplifies the standards provided in the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers; 2. facilitates effectively and efficiently in a learning environment conducive to diverse learners; 3. imbibes a strong sense of spirituality, ethical values, and profound motivations toward total development; 4. advocates environmental protection and preservation for sustainable development; and 5. portrays a strong sense of positive nationalism and patriotism.

Subject code: SCTESO1

Descriptive title: Science , Technology and Society (3u-lecture)

Effectivity: SY 2012-2013

Date Revised MAY 28, 2012

Prepared by: Natural Sciences Department Noted by: SNS-JBB-05282012 JACQUELINE B. BONIFACIO, RT, PhD Subject Head, Allied Natural Sciences






University Objective s (UO) UO1,5

School Objective s (SO) SD 1,4,5 STE 3,5

Specific Course Objectives

Subject Matter


Measurement And Evaluation

Time Allotment (Hrs)

1.Define Science,Technology And Society. 2.Know the nature of science and technology. 3.Know the history of science, technology and society in the Philippines. 4.Identify trends in science and technology

UNIT 1 Introduction to STS a.Definition of Science,Technology and Society b.Nature of Science c.Nature of Technology d.History of Science, Technology and Society in the Philippines e.Mega trends Science,Technolgy and Society a.Lecture b.Discussion c.Library Work d.Reading Assignment Quiz Assignment Research 6 hrs.

UNIT 2 Development of Science and Technology UO1 SD 1 STE 3 1.Identify...

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