Ecology And Evolution Essay

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Environment, Resources, and Competition
University of Phoenix
Ecology and Evolution
BIO 315
January 14, 2011

Environmental Ecology
The ecosystem I choose to analyze is the tropical rain forest. These forests contain large

trees and dense vegetation with warm temperatures year round accompanied by frequent rainfall.

Tropical rain forests also have very diverse species of plants and animals; there is a very high

level of biodiversity present there as well. Most trees have very short roots, particularly taller

trees, while others have deeper roots. The soil is very thin because the tree branches and leaves

keep the ground shaded and void of sunlight. This ...view middle of the document...

The population of prey and predators fluctuates from year to year. During intraspecific

competition, the predator community suffers when there are limited supplies of prey available to

them for consumption. Therefore, the food supply is quickly depleted, causing the predator

population to decrease; there is a positive correlation between predator and prey in this

circumstance. High numbers of predator prey consumption translate to low numbers of available

prey, because they can be consumed faster. There is a negative correlation between predators

and prey in this circumstance. This predation creates competition between different species that

prey on the same food supply. The opposing species will be competing for the same prey,

forming more of a supply on demand environment and causing prey limitations.

During interspecific competition, the graph suggests that the older the mother Felis catus

is, the higher chance of survival her offspring have; age of mother and offspring survival
percentage are positively correlated (Smith & Smith, 2009). This offspring’s success may be
because the older mothers have more experience and are able to teach their progeny more
efficiently and provide them with more useful survival skills. A plausible scenario might be
about a 40-month-old female monkey who has just delivered a baby about a month ago. This
mother has lived in that forest for over three years and has gained experience about how to
gather food, construct shelter, and avoid...

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