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Ecole Essay

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4 November 2012
Society’s Image reflected by character’s change in Actions
As you begin reading the short story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty, the word weirdness comes right through your mind. You see a black women living in a society where she gets help, where she gets laugh at, and even a society where she gets almost killed. Those contradictions can only make you think that the society is outlandish and that it has a form of discrepancy. For the story occurring in the mid 19’s, is the society normal or Eudora Welty clearly over exaggerated on the way people were acting? As a matter of fact, in the short story, written by Eudora Welty, the ...view middle of the document...

On top of that, close to the end of the story, when Phoenix arrives at the hospital, a nice lady laced Phoenix’s shoe (Page 6), which demonstrates that this lady is really helpful. As a matter of fact, as we see, some people in the society are really nice, but on the other hand, those same people can also be terrible, which shows that most of the society is kind of untruthful.
On the other hand, some people changes completely and treat her in a really bad way. The best example for this is the white hunter as he helps her in the first place but then points his gun right at her(Page 5). This clearly shows that the hunter is deceptive, in other word dishonest, because he passed from someone really nice to someone repulsive. Another example of this is when the lady walking in the street became really rude when Phoenix asked her to tied her laces, “'What do you want, Grandma?'” The fact the lady called Miss Jackson a grandma really shows that she was rude at first because you never call someone such a name when you don’t know this person. On top of that, this example shows that the lady as “two faces” because she then became really nice to the protagonist and helped her tie her shoe laces. Thirdly, the secretary at the hospital is really mean to Phoenix as she ask inappropriate things to her, “'Speak up, Grandma,' the woman said. 'What's your...

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