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Ebusiness Essay

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Executive Summary
The Burrito Shack is a fast casual restaurant that has been in operation for three years. Its mission is to offer quality food in a fun atmosphere where the customer has various choices for an affordable meal. As the fast casual segment continues to grow, The Burrito Shack will look for various opportunities to grow and increase our revenue. One such way to do this is to increase our online presence as our tech savvy client base continue to use the internet, especially social media, to guide their decisions.
Benefits of a Strong Online Presence
There are many benefits for increasing our online presence. We will keep our brand in the forefront of people’s decisions. ...view middle of the document...

The décor is decidedly beach themed with surfboards and tiki umbrellas. This store actually does have some service standards in that there are dedicated personnel to bring out your main course and they will bus your table for you if happen to leave it dirty. A manager also makes the rounds checking on customers regularly. Their online presence is confined to a website and a Facebook account.
Market Analysis
Owasso has a favorable demographic for restaurants. Its median income is almost 12% higher than the national average and it has a 10% higher percentage of homes with children. It has a population of around 38000, with 30.7% aged 20-39. 14.7% are aged 40-49, and 20.1% are aged 50 or over. The 20-39 year old group are well versed in social media and a prime target for restaurants that cater to easy family dining. (1)

There are multiple fast casual restaurants in the area. Some are regional chains and some are national conglomerates. Wings To Go, Freckles, Freddy’s, Panda Express, Mazzio’s, McAllister’s Deli and Panera Bread all vie for consumers in this market. All have at least a website, but most also use social media such as FaceBook and twitter. Few have the ability to sell gift cards or place orders. To be able to differentiate this store from other competition, we will look at their online/social media presence, there community presence, and their ability to capture sales outside of the brick and mortar.
Wings To Go is a regional franchise. The franchisee in Owasso is not listed on the main Wings To Go site. It is confusing to search that site with no mention of the local store. A Bing search coupled with the town lists their specific website. They have special offers via email and text, but many people are loathe to open up their email addresses and cell numbers to special offers. Most people are leery of spam clogging up their in-basket and phones. They have a menu and general information, but customers are unable to purchase gift cards or create personal or catering orders. There is no FaceBook or twitter accounts.

Freckles is a small restaurant specializing in frozen custards. They also offer hamburgers and hot dogs. They also have a plain website, but they do offer catering services.
They also have an enewsletter and a FaceBook page and twitter account. They rarely post to their Facebook account, once or twice a week. They do educate customers who visit their website the difference between ice cream and frozen custard. Customers are unable to purchase gift cards, but there is a catering menu.
Freddy’s is a national chain that serves hamburgers and shakes. There is a store link to purchase gift cards and T-shirts. They have a strong Facebook and twitter presence, with multiple postings weekly. They also have a fundraising link and a catering link. There website is well put together with a lot of pertinent information, easily accessible for all different regions.
McAlister’s Deli probably...

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