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Earning Emancipation Essay

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Earning Emancipation

Slavery as a social institution has been around since recorded history, it was not invented by the United States, it was however practiced and perpetuated to a level that at its peak created the highest number of millionaires per capita to have ever existed. In order to understand the full spectrum of such a monumental racial issue, not only must case to case examples be explored; but also the demographics of these generations, socially and economically. The United State’s industrial beginnings were fueled by slavery, over generations of struggle, and unimaginable stories of Africans, it has finally been constitutionally bound, amended, and re-amended, that the ...view middle of the document...

These mothers and daughters, sons and fathers, were the machine of an overwhelming and seemingly unlimited world demand. To substantiate the greatness of the difficulties overcome by generations wanting nothing more than to live their lives with equality it must be made clear how desperately they were oppressed. For those profiting from slavery to convince sympathetic whites and a growing worldview of anti-slavery scientists and writers were funded to do studies to prove the Africans natural ability for slavery. The made mock measurements of skull sizes to illustrate mental inferiority; while comics and caricatures depicted black skinned people committing atrocities in a powerful campaign to fuel racism. Forced to live in this racist, enslaving, environment second and third generation African-Americans in their developmental years were forced to listen to constant comments to demoralize blacks and spread hate, hearing: “their whole population is diseased and degraded,” “they are thriftless and idle,” “they are all dying off.”2 The lengths to maintain control in the later years of slavery were severe as the population of slaves reached 4,000,000 and profits soared. Slave owners believed punishments had to send a message, and often ignored the laws that protect the cruel treatment of slaves employing medieval style chains that tightened screws into flesh, dogs trained to chase kill and eat runaway slaves, separation of families, and the penalty of death or lashings. It is in the face of this adversity that the slaves overcame and freedmen of the eras of slavery and the Civil War’s aftermath took every opportunity to advance themselves, gradually garning



respect and creating change, through eloquence, humanity, and a determination to move forward towards equality. The propensity Dr. Engs and all teachers of history have to teach facts of human nature and learn from the past; to remember and appreciate the figures who created a better future in the United States pays homage to the bravery of those who only a couple generations ago, overcame of a system of thinking so abominable. Upon America’s birth, at the end of the revolutionary war, and the signing of the constitution, there were 700,000 slaves in the country. The Constitution was enacted stating that all men were free and equal. This Constitution by itself however did not change the fact that most of the nation, especially in the south, owned slaves. A female slave from Massachusetts by the name of Mum Bett heard about the Constitution stating that people were free and equal, yet she understood she was still her owners property. Mum Bett escaped and ran away to a nearby town in Stockbridge on a mission to take action for freedom. There she found a free black lawyer by the name of Brom, who took up the case that would not only earn freedom for Mum Bett, but open a door to Constitutionally challenge the existence of slavery in Massachusetts and Northern states. Brom and Bett...

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