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Early Pregnancy Essay

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Prenatal and “Babyhood”
Prenatal Hazards and Symptoms:
#My mom feels uncomfortable.
#She suffered headaches and the hard feeling of vomiting.
#She never tried drinking alcoholic beverages or even taking drugs, so she didn’t suffer potential hazards.
#She didn’t experience having measles.
#She didn’t also experience having aids.

Hazards and symptoms when conceiving
#She is always craving for foods.
#She don’t like the smell of the perfumes.
#Feeling of vomiting and nausea.
#Always annoyed by the people around.
#Not comfortable as always.
#Feeling if discomfort and uneasy.

“Experiences during”
#A missed period: She never experience menstruation like pregnant woman does.
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#Altered sense of taste: Her sense of taste changes. She cannot stand the taste of coffee.
#Morning sickness: Feeling nauseated and queasy not just in the morning but in noon and night.


Being a mom is wonderful. When my child smiles, it is like a warm summer day. For me, being a teen mom and going to school at the same time is pretty hard. I am currently breastfeeding my baby, and planning when my daughter eats and when I study can be tricky. Furthermore, I don’t get any sleep at night and I have to wake up early in the morning to get my daughter and myself ready. On some days, I feel like a zombie getting everything together. I need my backpack, diaper bag and I have to change her dirty diaper and clothes for daycare. I always make sure that I have everything I need for the day. But the best part about being a teen mom is having support from my family and my school. On top of all of that, it is also a joy to watch my daughter grow up.

Being a pregnant teen, I have discovered how to value things that really matter. I realize that my decisions affect who I am and who I will become. Every day I struggle to overcome the challenges that life has for me. Day by day I am thankful for the blessings that I have received. Sharing my experience and listening to other girls’ experiences makes me realize that I am not alone in this world and that if they can do it, I can accomplish my dreams, too. Teen pregnancy makes life hard for a person but at the same time opens their eyes to reality. With teen pregnancy all the wild and immature moments are lost and will never come back, but a new life of responsibility begins, and at the end it’s all worthwhile.

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