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E Marketplace, E Mall, E Tailing Essay

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Contrast e-marketplaces, e-malls, and e-tailing. Illustrate how they are different from physical marketplaces, malls, and retail outlets. Compare the tools and techniques for a successful e-commerce presence. This assignment tests your analytical and critical thinking skills and your ability to synthesize concepts around topics. The paper should be in APA format, 2-3 pages (not including reference page), with at least two references. 
Electronic Marketplaces: An electronic marketplace is a virtual online market where organizations register as buyers or sellers to conduct business-to-business e-commerce over the internet.
* Markets play a central role in the economy facilitating the ...view middle of the document...

* Private e-marketplaces: Online markets owned by a single company; can be either sell-side or buy side marketplaces.
* Sell-side e-marketplace: A private e-market in which a company sells either standard or customized products to qualified companies.
* Buy-side e-marketplace: A private e-market in which a company makes purchases from invited suppliers.
* Public e-marketplaces: B2B markets, usually owned and/or managed by an independent third party, that include many sellers and many buyers; also known as exchanges.
* Consortia: E-marketplaces owned by a small group of large vendors, usually in a single industry.

E-Tailing: E-tailing or also known as electronic retailing is selling retail goods in the internet. E-tailing can include business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales. E-tailing revenue can come from the sale of products and services, through subscriptions to website content, or through advertising.
It is play on the words “retail” and “e-commerce”.
Drivers in adopting e-tailing:
* Cost
* Flexibility
* Connectivity and communication...

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