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E-learning: A Revolution

Nowadays, in our globalized world, the link that connects people to each other has become stronger due to the evolving technology: the internet. Internet plays a major role in contemporary era in many fields that have been in existence for decades, such as traditional education. Their implementation in the educational field resulted in e-learning which is also called distance learning. E-learning can be defined as computer and network enabled transfer of knowledge and skills. It includes all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. Many people think that this new approach is outstanding and beneficial while those with traditional views ...view middle of the document...

In addition, e-learning enables the “ learn by doing” (Lohr, 2009) aspect in education where students get involved in interactive programs which prove very useful and engage them in the learning process.

On the other hand, distance learning is a great solution to people who multitask or those who are located in remote areas. E-learning requires only a computer and an internet connection and you are on. Professor Linda Jones , pro-vice chancellor of Open University which is the biggest provider of online courses, states that, “ Over 70 % of our students work full time and many are sponsored by their employers , who enjoy the benefits of developing the skills of their workforce”(as cited in Hoare , 2003, para.3). People with financial or work obligations, family constraints and other problems have a great chance to improve their skills by enrolling in these flexible online courses. According to Pearson Education, “We have identified e-courses as growth area and the degree we have developed with Portsmouth appeal mainly with people who are working. Most are on career path and have been out of full time education for several years” (as cited in Hoare, 2003, para.6). Distance learning can also be a solution for people who wish to continue their education but are facing geographical barriers. Blackburn (2012) narrates the real life experience of Janet Biira, an Ugandan midwife, who benefitted a lot from e-learning. Biira states that the traditional system of education in Uganda is not advanced enough to provide her with the necessary skills and information required to handle complicated cases that she faces regularly, a thing that she finds in e-courses.

Contrary to this belief, many claim that e-learning does not provide the same quality of education that the traditional conventional class provides. According to John Beaumont, chief executive if the UK E-University, e-learning is poorly reputed, underfunded, under resourced and has insufficient technology. Opponents, however, might be partially right. A study conducted on 241 universities by Ramboll Management in 2004 proved that 53 percent of the evaluated universities applied the same quality model for e-learning ( Ehlers &...

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