E Business Evolution And Supply Chain Essay

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The days of driving to a store to purchase something is not the only option. E-business has changed the way people shop on a regular basis. He remembers when he was a child his parents calling the number in the JcPenney’s catalog and explaining what they wanted to order, nowadays it is simple as a couple of clicks. This paper will discuss how e-business and evolved and compare and contrast the differences and limitations between e-business and e-commerce as they relate to supply chain management. He will begin by explaining the evolution of e-business.
Evolution of E-Business
The idea of e-business did not happen overnight, but once the Internet evolved it opened a new ...view middle of the document...

In order for companies to fulfill the customer’s request the organization must have a supply chain intact that can support this.
In one way the supply chains are the same for e-business and e-commerce, but they are also different. A company still has to have the merchandise to provide to their customers. Within an e-business decisions have to be made on how the supplies will be procured, whether production will be done within the company or elsewhere and how the products will be distributed. Using Dell as an example, they have agreements with their suppliers that requires them to have the material they need to Dell within a certain amount of time; this allows Dell the ability to cut down on their storage costs, but sill meet the requirements of their customers. Because of the use of IT, when an order is placed with Dell the suppliers are notified of what is needed so the process can be placed in motion. Within e-commerce, the customer would just be shopping and the order would still have...

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