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E Business Essay

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E- Business Strategy

For the Broadway Café to get more business we need to come up with a e-business strategy first. An e-business is the conducting of business on the internet not only buying and selling, but also serving customers and collaborating with business partners (pg.87 Bus. Driven). At the Broadway Café we realize that putting up simple websites for customers, employees, and partners does not create an e-business. We must come up with something that’s innovative, adds value, and provides helpful information.

The type of e-business I would deploy for the Broadway Café would be online marketing which I would create my website and try to come up with way s to attract visitors to the website. The way I would do that is by using a search engine optimization (SEO) which uses search engines submissions, inbound links, keywords and page descriptions to attract the search engines to display your site in the search ...view middle of the document...

In addition to the sales of products or services would be my standard source of revenue. Advertising revenues would come from ads displayed on my website by other business. Affiliate programs bring in commission revenues when my site or marketing activities refer business to other companies (Duff,

Starting off I would only want to track one metric so I won’t get too overwhelmed about so many other things. The first thing I would want to keep track of is sales completed without finishing their purchase. If I come to notice that there is a huge difference between visitors and customers with completed sales, I will then realize that getting the people who come to my site to finish their purchases is more important. After that I would then track my social sites to see what type of buzz Twitter, Facebook or Myspace has. The more buzz the more visitors which possible means more sales. By having a e-business strategy you can have a strategic partnership combine strengths of two or more companies in order to derive revenues from sales of their packaged products and services.

A portal would benefit my employees by being able to access e-mail and many different other sties to assist them with their job. Also it would help if the need to really look up different prices for supplies that we need to compare prices. Having the online mall portion of it could help business as well. They could give friends and family our online shopping mall site which would bring sales to my business as well. I would include one kiosk in the café and it would basically have information dealing about my coffee, how it’s made, and information about investing in what I have going for the shop. Also let the customers have access to other coffee shops to see how much more their paying for their coffee compared to mine. So basically they would know their getting the better deal.

The most important thing to remember about e-business is that customers expect, enlightened commerce in terms of complete information, user reviews, easy and secure transactions, and rapid dependable delivery, an as an e-business site that’s what my coffee shop will strive to provide to everyone.

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