Dyslexia Essay

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Maryellen Gibbs
DeVry University
English 135
Professor Onega
Date March 13, 2011

Dyslexia is not a disease or an illness but a learning disability that affects 1 out of 5 people with about 17% of the population having dyslexia. Dyslexia occurs during pregnancy and is hereditary but can manifest by other mishaps and can occur later in life. There are several common symptoms of dyslexia which can be noticed early in life, bringing it to the attention of the parents of a child who might be considered dyslexic. There are several patterns one might experience when he/she reads or how he/she see words.
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Besides occurring at pregnancy, dyslexia can be hereditary and is passed from one family member to another, but he/she can in fact get the disability by lead poisoning, being premature at birth, or a head injury which can cause someone to get dyslexia later in life if they are not born with it and have it already.
There are several symptoms a child will display showing the signs he/she more than likely has dyslexia. An early symptom of late talking can be noticed as early as nine months old. This is the age when a baby should start to understand simple words and commands. By age one he/she should be saying his/her first words. By the age of two, he/she should have a vocabulary of 200 words. By age three he/she should have a vocabulary of about 900 words and be using complete sentences with no words omitted. If by the age of five he/she talks immaturely and still makes unexpected grammatical errors in speech then this is a sign of a reading problem in the future. Directional confusion is the reversing of letters, whole words or numbers, and mirror writing. Another symptom is sequencing difficulties; this is when he/she has difficulty perceiving something in sequence and remembering the sequence. For example, he/she will put words and letters in the wrong order such as the word left, a dyslexic will see the word felt. The symptom difficulties with little words are when he/she shows signs of having difficulties with saying little words and no issues with saying big words. Dyslexics will show signs of poor handwriting and difficulties with math. When a child shows the symptom of bizarre reading and spelling this is considered to be a severe case of dyslexia. (Dyslexia Symptoms and Signs) Parents should be aware and on alert of these symptoms. If any of these behaviors are recognized in his/her child then testing should be administer as soon as possible.
There are several different types of patterns a dyslexic will seen when reading, such as the washed out effect, when the words on the page seem washed, not completely there on paper. The rivers effect causes words to separate, leaving one or two lines down the page...

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