Dying To The Old, Becoming The New In Christ

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Caroline Passed a few months ago, she had been trying to fully die since she was 13. She was a girl who hated who she was and what she did.
She was a fake, a cutter, a bulimic a hoe and infact, she was the preachers daughter.
She was the girl who demanded attention from guys to feel any sort of joy. Caroline was used by many guys and even ...view middle of the document...

She started hurting innocent guys just to feel like she was getting
revenge on the one guy she refused to forget, or to let go. He was out of her life, yet he was still controlling her thoughts, er mind, and even her heart.. Some-days
It got so bad, he started to control her worth. She allowed him to do all this, even after he was out of her life.
She eventually gave up on revenge and decided to just be careless and give herself out to any man who would give her any sort of attention.
Even if it was only for her body, she didn't care, she just wanted to feel something. She searched everywhere possible just to find this love,
this love that could be found in Christ. Caroline was a horrid person, she was used, abused, and eventually became villan.
She was hated by many and will not be missed.
But, no worries! Ivy is now loved, forgiven and treasured by God, and in him is where her pure joy lies now.

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