Drug Use Essay

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Drug Use
The increase of drug use in this generation we are more exposed to the dangers of drugs. Drugs have affected the way society can evolve and become better. For instance there has been an increase in our generation due to adolescents experimenting with illegal substances. Many consequences of using these drugs are withdrawals, drug dependence, personality change, and many more. This essay will be looking at some of the effects of drug use on society, and suggests some solutions to the problem.
The consequences that accompy with the use of illegal substances are wihdrawls, family tension, drug dependency, depression, and emotional and physical problems. With substances ...view middle of the document...

Drugs not only affect your emotional and physical self, but it can also damage your environment, education, and increase dangers in society In your education life, you are expected to enr new material and apply it to a new generation. Unfortunately, with the increase in the use of drugs resulted in “school children…often suffer from impairment of short-term memory and other intellectual faculties.” This can cause critical damage to teenagers and young adults who use any drug because at a young age, their brains are still developing and any damage to the frontal, parietal, occipital, and to the temporal lobe. As for the other intellectual facilities that can be damaged are the attention span, and learning difficulties. However, the school system, as stated in the article, “education is an important point of intervention for the prevention of drug abuse.” As for the environment factor, the producing of drugs can illicit many devastating natural resources. For example, in “South-East Asia, most opium poppy cultivation takes place in the rain forests. The traditional slash-and-burn system used by the hill tribes has cleared enormous amounts of rain forest in recent years and much of the cleared land has come under poppy cultivation.” With the deforestation that is occurring in South-East Asia, we can see the damages in the environment by denuding the land, destroying top-soil, and silting up rivers. Furthermore, the increase in dangers in society, such as trafficking, can halt or development for a more positive society. With the higher use of drug intake, it is more likely to cause an increase in trafficking. The reason for this is because drug abusers “need to finance their addiction through theft or prostitution. As stated by the National Crime Victimization Survey of the United States, states that “30 percent of the victims of violent crime in 1992 perceived their attacker...

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