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Drug Testing In The Workplace Essay

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What is Drug Testing

Drug testing refers to the analysis of biological material to detect the presence or absence

of drugs and metabolites within the human body. Metabolites are the substances into which

drugs, including alcohol, are converted by the human body. The presence of metabolites shows

that the relevant substances have been used in the recent past. The most common form of testing

for illicit drugs is the analysis of urine samples. For alcohol, breath tests are more common, and

these are often followed up by blood tests for confirmation. Oral fluid, hair and sweat can be

used to conduct test to find the presence of drugs or alcohol. ...view middle of the document...

Drug testing is viewed by some business owners as an invasion of rights not unlike pre-employment polygraph testing, which recently was banned by the Federal Government (1988 Public Law No. 100-347). Should employers have the right to drug test employees?

Why Drug Test

Drugs have been used all over the world by professionals and employees in key positions at many companies. About 8.4 percent of full-time employees and 10.1 percent part-time employees reported using illicit drugs within the past year. A drug is any chemical substance that alters the mind of individuals causing then to perform slowly and be unproductive in the workplace. Employees who use drugs while on the job, are very detrimental to a company’s success. These individual don’t understand the danger that they place themselves and their colleagues in when the try to perform work related duties while under the influence of drugs. Employees who use drugs are 2.5 times more likely than non drug using employees to be absent 8 or more days from work, 3.6 times more likely to be in a work related incident, and 5 times more likely to file a workers compensation claim. (SAMHSA, 2014) Most also believe that drug tests reduce accidents and product defects. Drug testing in the workplace has helped improve employee morale, prevent accidents, and it has also helped save companies also of money. A study of 459 workplace deaths conducted in Alberta, Canada revealed 10 workers who tested positive for cannabis. There has been a very close relationship between protecting the safety of employees and drug testing in the workplace. Overtime, there has been several incidents that have been connected with drug related issues. With the the implementation of drug testing, many companies are getting the results they wanted, a decline in the number of applicants testing positive for drugs. Other companies have witnessed an improvement safety and production.

A Drug-Free Workplace

Employers have a strong interest in their staffs performance, as though they should. Research evidence has suggested that by drug testing employees, it helps to cut down on employee absences, improve performance and productivity, protect the safety of others and improve the company’s reputation, although some companies have reported damaging relations with employees. There are some employers who have an Employee Assistance...

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