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Drug Abuse Within Families Essay

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When turning on your local news channels in the morning what are some of the common topics being discussed that you have noticed? Probably the presidential election, acts of crime or the addiction problem on the rise. Over the past couple of years the addiction rate has skyrocketed and it seems that it’s almost an everyday occurrence that you hear about someone overdosing or something happening that affects society in a negative way. When thinking about addiction not many people think about the families who are involved, but in reality they are affected in a big way too. Families suffer in many ways, more than what could even be thought of, such as an emotional toll or even a tidal wave ...view middle of the document...

As a whole most of these spouses will eventually end up in some sort of counselling to help restore what they might have once had and to also help the user become the person they once were and become clean again.
Likewise to what was said before when an immediate family member who is using drugs and alcohol become addicted which can cause what is known as a tidal wave effect to the rest of the close family member’s. The tidal wave affect in this case can be seen as the family member’s getting angry, frustrated, and fearing for the user, which ultimately can make them start using more to relive the stress they may be feeling. When this domino effect is taking place the family member is trying to help the user stop and recover in a healthy way but they are putting a lot of stress on themselves which can make them fall into a depression or even act out in certain situations (Barnard). It is said that when a family member is trying to help the user in the family that the person helping has a risk of starting to use as well to try and relieve the stress they are feeling from trying to help the user (Barnard). This refers back to the tidal wave effect and helps explain more because it’s said when someone tries to help another with addiction and they are doing it in the best way possible putting a huge amount of stress on the helper they could end up using some kind of drug or alcohol and become addicted just like the family brother they were trying to help.
As a result in all of the findings above, researchers have come to many different conclusions on how it affects the families’ relationships in the long run....

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