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Drug Essay

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Beauregard Textile Company
Eugenio J. Miravete

Relevant Market Infomation
• Duopoly in the market of Triaxx-30:
– Beauregard Textile Company (BTC). – Calhoun & Pritchard Inc. (CPI).

• Pricing is final for each quarter (commitment) and normally BTC announce her price first. • BTC recently raised the price of T-30 from $3 to $4 to align this markup to other fabrics in her product line. • CPI held his price at $3. • CPI and BTC have similar costs. • CPI is in a tight financial situation. • Products are similar but not identical.
– BTC may have a location advantage.
MSB: Managerial Economics 2

Market Description

• •

Market remained quite stable around 225,000 yards. There is evidence that ...view middle of the document...

– Selling and Administration.
• Finnacial accounting, personnel, officer’s compensation, as well as wages of sales people.

– Indirect Department Expense.
• Depreciation, supervision.

MSB: Managerial Economics


Demand Analysis

This is the present pricing arrangement where BTC charges $4.00 and CPI charges $3.00 per yard of T-30, respectively.

MSB: Managerial Economics


Demand Analysis

What would happen if BTC drops her price to $3.00 to match CPI?
– Is pricing at $3.00 sustainable in the long run when total cost per yard amount to $3.31?

MSB: Managerial Economics


Demand Analysis

Can BTC price at $4.00 to signal CPI of the substantial returns to pricing high?
– Demand goes down by 20% if both firms price at $4.00. – How do you expect CPI to react to a BTC price of $4.00?
MSB: Managerial Economics 8

Competitive Analysis

• •

Therefore CPI makes more money by undercutting BTC’s price. Would you expect CPI raising her price if BTC lower his to $3.00?
MSB: Managerial Economics 9

Competitive Analysis

Therefore CPI also makes more money by matching BTC’s low price.
MSB: Managerial Economics 10

Gaming Analysis

• •

In the current situation CPI makes almost the maximum profits possible for him while BTC makes her minimum. It is in the best interest of both firms to price at $3.00.
– Obviously they could make higher profits if they simultaneously charge $4.00, but collusion is illegal and these firms do set prices independently.
MSB: Managerial Economics 11

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