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Drinking Age Essay

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Theses: the drinking age should be lowered because it would both benefit the economy this would bring in an a lot of money in the economy. The government if they think that this is a bad thing they could increase taxes on alcoholic beverages to bring in more money. Who are we lie to we know that teens drink and most get away with it. We can’t fully enforce it so why not bring in out so that they don’t have to hide it. This would help the local business to gain more business form a one of the largest spenders in the nation which are teens.

The issue of lowering the drinking age or even eliminating has always been there it has gone back and fourth for centuries. The two biggest issues are ...view middle of the document...

And with this money the government can use this to help stimulate the economy where it need be.
For parent who are worry about their child drinking they wont have to worry because their kids wont have to worry about getting in to trouble if they have drank, because it is legal and if they are drunk and can’t drive home they can call their parents and ask for a ride and not have to worry about getting in to trouble. This will also reduce drinking and driving because if you are not worried about getting into trouble cause u drank and have to rush home before your parents get home or something like that. (The experience of many societies and groups demonstrates that drinking problems are reduced when young people learn at home from their parents how to drink in a moderate and responsible manner. As parents we need to be good role models in what we say and do.) (Dr. Engs)
A lot of people believe that people in the USA are heavy drinkers but this is wrong because we have the highest restrictions on drinking than any other country. (The US isn't even among the top ten alcohol consuming countries. Top 10 Alcohol Consuming Countries on per capita Basis Country / Consumption in Gallons of absolute or pure alcohol: At a consumption rate of only...

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