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01.) As an actor, the piece my group and I devised and performed was based on the issue of bystanders. The style of our piece was non-naturalistic and included devices such as freeze-frames. We chose to use freeze-frames to pinpoint key moments within the piece, highlighting the importance of these moments to our audience. Our piece was based on the ‘British bakeoff” in which one of our contestants cheated (me being the cheat) and somebody saw and nobody speaks up about it. The piece portrayed the importance of speaking up and not being a bystander. We also used lighting, for example a spotlight on the key moments to further highlight the important moments in the performance. ...view middle of the document...

Therefore when acting I made sure I kept fidgeting with my hands to show that I was uncomfortable and didn’t quite know what to do with myself. For example, when the other contestants where introducing themselves I played with my fingers very obviously and looked down to show my uneasiness. I also kept referring to fairness to make it obvious to the audience that I was the cheat. For example, when I first introduced myself I said, “I believe everyone should have a fair chance as winning, as they say cheaters never prosper”. As I said this I exaggerated the words “cheaters never prosper” and said it loud and slowly and pointed my fingers to emphasize the fact that I was the one actually cheating. Saying it loud and slowly gave the audience a sense that I was trying to tell them a secret and therefore creates dramatic irony. I also made sure I projected my voice so all the audience could hear me. It was important to use good proxemics so the audience didn’t get bored and so we were constantly moving on our feet. I moved with a fairly delicate and awkward like gait to demonstrate the nervousness surrounding me. We used lighting to enhance the performance. For example, when we I cheated and said, “Thanks Tesco, every little does help”, the spotlight was on me so everyone was drawn to my character. As I took the food from under the table I turned my head both sides dramatically to make it obvious to the audience I was cheating as well as creating a comical atmosphere. I made sure before acting that I used Katie Mitchell’s method of research so that I knew about the topic of bystanders. I did this by watching videos of bystanders and the effect they have. This allowed me to understand the situation more so I could physically step into the shoes of my character. I also used method acting suggested by Stanislavski and used my emotional memory to think of a time that I was in a competition and how I felt. This made me understand the performance more and thus I could be more involved. I watched the bakeoff so I was familiar with the style and so I could act better in the environment of our performance. Overall, I used my acting skills to enhance the piece and capture the audience in the action of our performance.

03.) When we found out about our topic of bystanders, after researching the topic and deciding on what and how our performance would be, it was important to our group to use rehearsal techniques to develop our piece. We had distributed our roles in the performance; we did a hot seating activity where we would ask each other questions, which related to our piece and our characters, and we would answer how we thought our characters would answer. This helped us improvise and get into character. For example, I was asked, “How do you feel that everyone played fairly and you cheated but won the prize?” I would then answer in my characters voice according to the personality of my character. This helped me improvise and act much better as I could...

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