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The continuous advancement of technological improvements has a major influence in modern society and cannot be overlooked. Our society is run and manoeuvred through the innovation and emergence of new technology that we simply cannot ignore. With the first form of communicative technology developing in the late1800’s, radio has transformed the ability both professionally and personally to communicate through a wireless device. Mobile communication devices have not simply transformed a way to seek information but a way to transfer information to others as well. This is vital, as present technologies have come a long way from the development of Radio frequencies. With one of the most advanced ...view middle of the document...

Albert Einstein quotes “The radio was a wonderful tool of communication that had a unique function to fulfill in terms of international reconciliation”, a very unique point of view, a context he would maybe describe as today’s internet. Mobile communication devices in an essence have evolved into a sort of futuristic radio. With the evolution of AMP, to 2G technology, to 3G technology users are condoned to unlimited internet access everywhere with no dial up or cable connection. It can actually offer immediate access to both enterprise systems and published information, something that is still very adequate for a full sized computer. In whole there has been a considerable growth towards the use of wireless communication technologies to process, transmit and exchange data. These devices include laptop computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other handheld devices for data transfer and communication. When asked the main difference between the establishment of the Smartphone and now, is that Smartphone’s were primarily used as enterprise devices and were way too expensive for an average customer. Yet still the most popular Smartphone on the market, the I phone has had enormous success retail wise, in fact companies have discovered how to engage their customers for long periods of time with the latest Smartphone release. Accordingly there is a qualitative and quantitative difference in how, why and where smart phones make a difference in societies personal and professional lives. These particular differences are exhibited in the way people lead and portray their lives and/or engage with people personally or professionally. Historically the invention of the radio introduced the first form of business networking and according to Nuttall a regarded historian saw that the “100 years of technological revolution has transformed our ability to communicate through a wireless device. When the radio was first introduced, its foundation was built upon amplitude modulation, today the radio has transformed into multiple channels and opportunities for communication”. This digs to the core roots of how the Smartphone came to be and its first encounter with a sort of networking system for business venturing. Currently business and academic literature has emphasized the importance on developing a business framework with learning opportunities. Creating this economic development plan will eventually flourish knowledge that can allow societies to be both innovative and give them the ability to reach out to build technological partnerships.

Interestingly enough the demands for a striving corporate world all pertain to the information being transmitted and it being received where ever globally. In order to run smoothly business’ look for the most portable and effective device to incorporate to their fellow employers and partners. Smartphone’s have met that standard that all business’ need and how they can benefit from their technology on many levels of...

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