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Leadership development plan and reflective learning
Be able to use action learning for leadership development
Responsibilities of an individual within an action learning set are explained
How group dynamics in action learning can enhance leadership development is explained
Action learning as a leadership development technique and its role in own leadership development is evaluated

Be able to plan and undertake activities to develop own leadership performance
Appropriate activities and sources of help and support to develop own leadership capacity are identified and selected
Activities to develop own leadership capacity are planned
Planned activities to improve own leadership ...view middle of the document...

An action learning coach can oversee this process or act as an advisor to the leader.
2. Inquiries: There is no right or wrong answer. There is also no one answer to solve the issue. Instead, learning is enhanced through group inquiry.
3. Accountability: Participants must set aside any preconceived notions or differences and work together as a team. Open reflection is key and each member of the learning session must be accountable for his participation.
4. Systematic: Managers and business leaders can use these learning sessions to find common patterns and translate them into systematic, company-wide change.
An action learning coach and company leaders can participate in two types of learning: peer coaching or team learning. Team learning focuses on an open forum approach, while peer coaching involves a smaller group that meets and reflects on issues they are struggling with on their own
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consist of 5 or 6 people who commit to work together over a period of at least six months. The set meets regularly (possibly every six weeks) for a day or half a day. At each meeting, set members have an opportunity to introduce a challenge they are facing in their own practice. The group helps to work on the problem through supportive but challenging questioning - encouraging a deeper understanding of the issues involved, challenging underlying assumptions, and exploring ways forward. As well as reflecting on the issue and developing a plan of action, the set member is encouraged to report back to the group on progress next time they meet, which is a spur to ensuring that action is taken between meetings! The strength of this approach lies in its ground rules and disciplined process;
How group dynamics in action learning can enhance leadership development is explained
Requiring people to think “questions first ‘ transforms the dynamics of the group. The natural impulse to make statements and judgments gives way to listening and reflecting. Once the problem has been introduced to the group, members must first ask questions to clarify the problem before jumping into statements to solve the problem. In action learning, it has been shown that there is almost a direct correlation between number and quality of questions to the eventual final quality of actions and learning (ie balance between

Action learning as a leadership development technique and its role in own leadership development is evaluated




Our first meeting...

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