Downside To Gun Control Essay

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Downside to Gun Control
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could no longer protect your family, yourself, and help in being part of the militia? Well that’s the direction some of our politicians are trying to go towards. I am talking about the negative results that imposing harsh gun control laws and regulations would bring if the government passes gun control laws. I am going to talk about three reasons why. First, crime rates would go up. Second, it is in the second amendment where it says we have the right to protect our rights and families. Thirdly, the second amendment protects us against our own government.
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5 million times a year against criminals to protect themselves. That is 60 times more often than they use guns against them. If these citizens hadn’t carried firearms they could have been robbed, shot, or maybe even killed. In an article entitled “Are We a Nation of Cowards,” that police have an 11 percent error rate when it comes to accidental shootings, the citizens have only a 2 percent error. What do you think a criminal with a weapon is more afraid of, a person who is carrying a firearm or someone who is not? You can be the judge of that. If we continue at this rate the U.S. will eventually be a criminal’s dream, a society where nobody can defend their rights. If a criminal knows everyone in the city doesn’t carry a handgun he is going to be more likely to commit a crime against them.
The second amendment clearly states that, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This means that the people have the right to own and bear arms for the protection of themselves and their country. Also, the government shall not infringe upon them. The whole purpose of this amendment was to ensure the safety and rights of the people. By taking guns away the entire second amendment would be useless. The people have the right to form and regulate a militia, hold and keep arms, and protect their rights. If they take guns away it would be like telling someone that they can go do something one day and then telling them the next day that it is illegal. All of what I have just said brings me to my next point. How does the second amendment protect us against the U.S. government?
The right to bear arms protects us against our own government because they are afraid of armed rebellion if they ever try to enforce strict or tyrannical policies on its people. In our society the government has to be very cautious about what they do because the citizenry is armed. In other countries such as North Korea and Russia government can pass all the laws it wants because...

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