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Addressing problems of RMG sector→ Anu Mahmud
 Bangladesh is now exporting readymade garment (RMG) products worth around 20 billion dollars per annum to different countries of the world. The RMG sector is one of the main sources of our foreign exchange earnings. Recently, an opportunity to expand this sector has been created. China has emerged as a big importer of Bangladeshi apparel products. Though the market for garment products was limited at the beginning, now it is expanding gradually. If Bangladesh can export RMG products to China, then it can easily double the amount of the present export earnings. So, alongside the existing markets, Bangladesh should give more attention to ...view middle of the document...

If Chinese investors are given adequate facilities to invest in Bangladesh, our export earnings from garment products will increase. If they are allowed to invest more, more employment possibilities will be created in Bangladesh. As the RMG market is very competitive, many developing countries try to catch the China’s market.

European countries and the USA are the main market for Bangladeshi garment products. Garment products once were produced in the USA and Europe. But the living standard in the USA and European countries became very high during 1970s and 1980s. As the salaries of garment labourers increased, then it become unprofitable for the garment owners to continue the production.

Thus garment industry took its position in the developing countries. The journey of garment industry in Bangladesh started in the 1980s. Today Bangladesh has emerged as one of the topmost exporters of garment products. But there has been constant conspiracy against the booming garment industry. Unrest in the garment industry and the killing of labour leader Aminul Haque got widespread publicity in the media, which has damaged the goodwill of Bangladesh’s garment industry. But time has come to take necessary steps to solve the problems facing our garment industry.

A recent Reuters report focused on the reasonable wages for the garment workers in Bangladesh. There has been dissatisfaction among RMG workers with the low wages. After the formation of labour organisations, RMG workers have been pressing home their demand for salary hike. This dissatisfaction led to unrest in the garment industry in June 2012. Following the unrest, more than 300 garments industries were shut down for two weeks at Savar on the outskirts of Dhaka. Closure of garment factories due to labour unrest is a matter of concern, because if such situation continues for two weeks, the amount of loss will stand up to 9 billion dollars. Now about 80 percent of our total export earnings come from garments products. It is expected that within 10 years, the...

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