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Doors Essay

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February 12, 2009

Javid LLC. , Inc.
911 North Industrial Park Dr.
Nogales, AZ. 85621
Mr. Roberto Rubin
Javid LLC. De Mexico,
Ave. Romero 309
Juarez, Chihuahua, 33640

Dear Mr. Rubin,

I wanted to first thank you for your letter regarding reports and your concerns about the company. I am dedicated to this company and I am glad to see that there are dedicated managers like your self.

As you may now know, the company is experiencing very low ...view middle of the document...

I am aware that the economy is not at its peek but I also know that the products that we manufacture are very good material and is very well made by our employees. The economy is low but I feel that no matter how the economy is companies will continue coming to us because we do as a company produce good products,

After reviewing the reports I have come to the conclusion that our employee’s absenteeism is what is affecting the company and will continue to affect us in the future if it is not corrected immediately. I have been reviewing our employees and have seen an increase in all the employees. We need to make an immediate change and let all the employees know all the companies guidelines. You will need to provide me with a report of all employees at the end of the next quarter regarding absences. I feel that if our employees are happy at work then our employees will be more satisfied with their products.

Our mission as a company is to keep our customers happy but we must take into consideration our employees and me as a CEO and you as a manager we must keep our employees happy and satisfied. I will be expecting your reports and will follow up with you regarding this matter.


Celina Delgado
Chief Executive Officer
Javid LLC

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