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Does Twin Language Affect Language Later

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Research Paper: Does Twin Language as child effect language later
Chloe Wilborn
October 4, 2013

To me personally Twins is an interesting topic because I have a twin sister. Although we are not identical, we are so much alike. Language and communication are also important because they are the foundation of a society. A society must have credible and solid language. I wanted to research the communication between twins, because I wanted to know if being so close to one person effected their communications with others. Does the bond that twins have restrict them from closely communicating with someone that is not their twin? It’s suggested that growing up all ...view middle of the document...

They are more at risk for higher premature birth rates. Also twins are more likely to be born with a disability more than a single born child. Thorpe (2006) thinks that language delay is a reflection of three main biological issues. The first she thinks is inter-twin transfusion which is when identical twins share a placenta and causes one of the twins to have a lower blood supply than the other and may cause birth defects. The second is prenatal complications, which can cause learning disabilities. And last but not least is the Twin language. It says that twins create a language that impedes the progress of regular language.
Overall this study was essential for my topic. It gave me all the right information and was a credible source. The study was worth the time because many people don’t suspect that twin language can have an effect on the progress of regular language. This study could have been more organized though and more narrow. She could have had twin that were around the same age. Also she could have had twins that had an established language and twins that didn’t. Lastly I think it could have been narrowed down even more by race. We knew that from the study, males had more of a delay but I would be interested to know if race had anything to do with language delay in twins as well.
Sebastian, S., Chengappa, S., & Ballraj, A. (2012). Language learning disability in identical twins. Language in India, 12(7), 580.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate if idioglossia, which is a language disability affected writing skills and pronunciation. Late onset of speech, and speech and language difficulties, including stuttering, are more common in twins than in single born children. This study was about whether the article was about whether environmental or biology causes delay in language. Sebastian (2012) thinks that environmental factors such as talking to parents and interacting, is more detrimental in language development than twin language.
This study used one set of twins that were sixteen years old. The twins were right handed and they were identical. They were both given verbal and performance I.Q. test. Twin A scored 87.3 and 86.8. Twin B scored 86.5 and 83.2. Both twins were said to have been good in mathematics. When they were tested however, they had similar writing and pronunciation errors. The people conducting the study concluded that twin language should be intervened as soon as possible. They also connected language problems in twins to writing and speech problems later on in life.
I found this study to not be all that helpful. It was very broad and not detailed. It did indeed help me understand that language problems in twins can lead to other complications. Though it was not detailed, I do think that the study was worth the time. But there are some things that could be...

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