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Does Race Matter Essay

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Does Race Matter?
Does race matter? Do you understand what race means and how it is perceived? This is a neutral subject for me. I am in between on this subject due to the fact that race does matter for some things and not others. As I researched, there are some great reasons to understand why race really matters in healthcare studies. Other research shows race is misunderstood.
First off, one example race matters is the medical field. Understanding the reasons why race matters in the medical field helps medical providers work to complete new studies or research. I work in ...view middle of the document...

The information provided can assist with comparing symptoms in past and present for numerous racial groups. Throughout medical advancements; researchers have been able to link race with medical conditions that are common in areas around the world or with certain racial or ethnic groups. This research can use the environment, living situations, past history, and even hereditary traits. In this case, knowing someone’s race is not a negative attack. Race is a purposeful piece of information that can further advance overall health throughout the world!
One reason race does not matter is if the information is used in a discriminatory fashion. There are numerous ways I felt I have been discriminated against, for example while applying for jobs. I believe race or gender should not matter when applying for employment. If the person applying for something is fully capable and understanding of the job qualifications and have fulfilled those requirements they should be treated fairly and given just as good of a chance as anyone else to be considered for the position. Unfortunately, the world we live in does not always agree. Gender, race, age, and many other things will always place a factor in the world and numerous situations. Hopefully, the world will grow to change and these views will increase the acceptance and fact that race is something wonderful and special about everyone.

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