Does Justice Ever Fail Us Essay

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Does Justice Ever Fail Us? |
CRJ 100 – Introduction to Criminal Justice |
Lori Baker
12/1/2013Professor Phylancie Nashe |

No matter where you turn, you are going to hear about crime. You don’t always get to hear about the outcome though. It gets press time when it is a big case, but what about the others? Do you ever wonder what happens when it is a case that the media doesn’t think is important? Every crime deserves its day in court to get justice where it is deserved.
Take the case of Catherine Fisher and her fight for justice against a man who raped her. Sounds like an open and shut case, right? Man rapes woman. Woman identifies him. He is charged and serves his time. This ...view middle of the document...

S. court.” (McNeill, 2013, para. 3) This was a crime where he got away without ever having to go to jail. While it may have not been the best court to hear the case, it definitely has changed how the next case may end up.
Sometimes a defendant will take a plea bargain to avoid a trial and lengthy sentencing. “Justin Werner was charged with beating Bryan Stevenson to death outside a Louisville restaurant on May 30, 2010. As part of his deal to plead guilty to multiple other charges, the murder charge will be dropped.” (Anonymous, 2012, para. 2) By pleading guilty to some drug charges and an assault, he basically gets away with murder. Apparently, the case was not solid. The family of the victim was not happy with the plea deal, but they were glad he was at least charged with something. It may have not been the best outcome, but at least, Werner didn’t walk away scot-free.
When it comes to this case, I think justice was served. There was a fight, and Stevenson ended up dead. Werner didn’t go into the fight looking to kill anyone. Two other men were also charged with assault since they were also involved in the fight. While there were witnesses, no one could say who definitely threw the punch that killed him. Werner said that one of the other men was who threw that fatal punch. I don’t think it would have been fair for one person to be convicted of murder if there wasn’t concrete evidence that they committed the crime. While it may not have been the outcome the family wanted, nothing will bring back their loved one.
Other times, people re accused and convicted of crimes that they never committed. “Ronald Ross, 51, was convicted of attempted murder for a 2006 shooting. It was a shooting he played no part in, the judge confirmed Friday.” (Hernandez & Chuang, 2013, p. 2) He spent six years in jail, but if he wasn’t found innocent, he could have possibly spent the rest of his life behind bars. Ross was originally picked as the suspect because the victim picked him from a police lineup. “...Williams admitted after the trial that he never thought Ross was the shooter and implicated him only because he was pressured by Oakland police and feared that the real gunman would come after him.” (Hernandez & Chuang, 2013, para. 12) Basically, the whole case was originally decided by a lie. If it wasn’t for the victim’s lie, Ross would have never missed out on six...

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