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Does God Exist Essay

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Does God Exist? No, in my opinion from all of the information that I have been exposed to, I can easily state that there is no all powerful being that created each and every one of us, and that knows all and watches us at all times. Throughout my life I have been feed Bible verses and told many a stories about how God is always there for you, if you pray he will listen, he will help you with all of your troubles; however none of this can be proven with any amount of facts whatsoever. Ask a devout Christian how God does it, or how they know he exists, and their answer is very simple “It’s called Faith, if we believe he will help us, then he will”. For the first 15 years of my life I was brought up as a very strict 7th Day Adventist (Sub-section of Christianity), I was told that God was perfect and we were to strive to be just like him in every aspect of our life, we were to go to church on the 7th day and refrain from any other activities. ...view middle of the document...

It tells stories of how God talked to his people, how he helped them through hardships and struggles in life, but where is he now? Did God just abandon everyone? Why would God save the Jews thousands of years ago, and then decide not to during the Holocaust. Was he taking a break? Needed a vacation? Or perhaps he was never there to begin with. Religion has been used for thousands of years to control and enslave people, to manipulate them into doing what the teller believes to be best. God was created thousands of years ago to help explain what we could not with science at the time, however over the years we have come to advance our science and holes that we filled with God in the past we have now filled with information that we can understand and show evidence of. They use the excuse “we must do it because the Bible says so”, so practically anything I read within a book could be taken into reality and as such made true? No not at all, just because the Harry Potter series contains dragons and magic does not mean that I could go to London, and magically find an entrance to a different world, a world of wonders and magic. Basically what Christianity is asking us to do is to “have faith” in something that we cannot prove, what makes believing in God make any more sense than believing that dragons and magic are real. Another aspect of Christianity that I do not understand…God created us, but he was always there? Where exactly did this “God” come from, because he created the universe from nothing, meaning that there was nothing there, not even himself, unless another God created him, but then there would have needed to be a God who created that one, which would lead into an endless cycle of “Gods” creating one and other which has no sense in it whatsoever. Through science we can begin to explain how the Earth and its surrounding came into being, we can begin to show why humans are here and not on say Mars and we can begin to prove with evidence why such things should be taken as the truth instead of using religion as a crutch. For these such reasons I believe that God cannot and does not exist, and until I am shown proof in one form or another that makes any rational sense I will not fall into the trap of religion.

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