Does Classroom Size Affect Learning Success

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Does Class Size Affect Learning Success?
Rosemarie Antonelli
AIU Online
December 6th, 2014

While it is hard to find experts that are inclined to side against smaller class sizes, there are plenty of people who wonder the effectiveness of the school programs currently in place. In the state of Florida, classes were reduced to see the effectiveness it had on the students and their academics. After the classroom sizes were reduced, there was no significant benefits shown statistically for students of these school districts throughout a number of areas. The academic areas that were looked at were exam scores, attendance, and violence within the schools. California also made ...view middle of the document...

Now, if there is a class of forty students who are well behaved, properly disciplined, and have the interest to learn, then that class is going to be very successful regardless of size. A student’s mentality as well as their maturity plays a huge role when it comes to their academic success.
The second reason why classroom size does not affect learning outcomes has to do with the teachers and their personal learning technique. Some teachers work better with larger classes. They are able to pull their students in as a whole and that is what works best for them. They can draw in large groups of students to make an intimate environment that is very similar to that of a great speaker who draws in a large audience during a seminar. Some teachers, on the other hand, work better with smaller groups of students. They are more comfortable with teaching a class that is smaller because they can connect with their students on a more personal level. Each teacher is different and has their own unique way of teaching, so regardless of class sizes, students can get the most out of learning and each has an equal opportunity at achieving academic...

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