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International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education (IJCDSE), Special Issue Volume 3 Issue 2, 2013

An Analysis of Adult Education Programme in Lagos State:
Implication for Policy Implementation
Saula Ayinla Shamsideen
Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education Otto-Ijanikin, Lagos, Nigeria

The research work investigated the analysis of
Adult Education Programme in Lagos State:
Implication for Policy Implementation. Three null
hypotheses were formulated for the study and the
instrument that was used for the study was
questionnaire. A descriptive survey design was
adopted for the study. The sample included 100
respondents randomly selected from adult learners
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Dave had had earlier argued that Adult Education
aims at providing lifelong Education that prepares
the individual for change and creates dynamic frame
of mind in the individual [2]. This is because the
world is constantly changing in all spheres including
technology, communication and industry. Human’s
craving for learning is this continuous to keep pace
with the changes. Bown and Okedara rightly

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described this urge for continuous learning as ‘cradle
to grave’ [1].
It is hoped that when the individual is equipped
through lifelong skills and knowledge, Nigeria’s
hope for the realization of the millennium
development goals that include eradication of
extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal
primary education, promoting gender equality and
empowering women, reducing child mortality,
improving maternal health, combating HIV/Aids,
malaria and other diseases ensuring environmental
sustainability and developing a global partnership for
development would be enhanced [4].

2. Statement of the Problem
The main thrust of the paper is to determine the
extent of congruence between the policy enunciation
and policy implementation as related to Adult
Education programme as a channel for lifelong
Education in Lagos State, Nigeria. Policy
enunciation is one thing, Policy implementation is
another. The greatest impact of a programme is
achieved when there is a positive correlation between
the two important components. The problems paused
for investigation here were the policy enunciated,
what was obtainable, what was lacking and the
challenges. In this regards, the issues of enrolment,
gender equity, instructional materials, infrastructure,
funding and the curriculum offering were examined.

2.1. Purpose of the Study
The main purpose of this study is to determine the
extent of congruence between the policy enunciation
and policy implementation as related to adult
education programme as a channel for lifelong

2.2. Research Questions
In order to give the research a focus, the
following questions were asked:
What does the policy on Adult Education as
an instrument for lifelong education say?
What is the impact of the programme on the
iii. What have been the problems initiating
against the smooth implementation of policy


International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education (IJCDSE), Special Issue Volume 3 Issue 2, 2013

iv. How can these problems be mitigated to
enhance policy attainment?

2.3. Research Hypotheses
There is no significance relationship
between adult education instrument for lifelong
education and implication for policy implementation
There is no significance relationship
between impact of programme on populace and
implication for policy implementation
There is no significance relationship
between programme objectives and implication for
policy implementation.

study area and also to give all units of the population
an equal...

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