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Documenting Sources Essay

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Of the five most common types of plagiarism, these are the two most commonly found in student papers:

"Copy & Paste Plagiarism"
Any time you lift a sentence or significant phrase intact from a source, you must use quotations marks and reference the source. Sentences and phrases must have quotation marks and citation in order to escape an accusation of “excessive use of undocumented sources.” In 200-level courses or lower, these errors are usually the result of not knowing yet how to properly document sources. However, if large portions of an original source are used without documentation, instructors tend to assume that the plagiarism was intentional rather than accidental.

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An attribution (“According to ______”) as well as an in-text citation must be included for any direct quote in order to give credit to the original source.
3. Even paraphrases should be limited, and all paraphrased information from another source needs to have an in-text citation (Bryson, 2014) and needs be included on the References page.
4. While “Copy-and-Paste” is the most common form of plagiarism, the second most common is “Word Switch” or “Word Change” Plagiarism. Most students believe that switching the order of a few words or using synonyms for some words will make the plagiarism harder to detect. However, it is still detectable, and this type of plagiarism indicates that the student consciously intended to commit and to hide the plagiarism.
5. The best way to avoid plagiarism is not to use other sources; but, if other sources are used, then they must have quotation marks and documentation in order to give credit to the original source and in order to avoid any accusations of plagiarism.
6. The rule of thumb when it comes to using other sources is the 20/80 Rule. No more than 20% of a paper should be based on other people’s words or ideas. The remaining 80% should be the student’s own words and ideas.
7. Additional information about correctly documenting other sources using APA formatting has been provided in the “Course Resources” area of this class.

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